The greek community here at WKU went on a road trip the night of October 7th, 2014 at Van Meter Hall.  Kappa Delta put on their 24th annual philanthropy event, Shenanigans, to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America.  Alicia Brooks led our sisters, and the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon, in a ten minute performance dancing to multiple songs.  We ended up placing second, and Kappa Delta raised over $10,000!  If you would like to watch the dance, follow this link!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh9MO1-866U

St. Baldrick’s 2014

Rho chapter held their 5th annual St. Baldrick’s event on Saturday, April 5 at the WKU baseball field. St. Baldrick’s is st. baldricks 4an organization dedicated to help fight children’s cancer, and the event is our largest service event every year. Along with raising money towards cancer research the organization shaves heads in an effort to raise awareness. This year, dozens of people lined up to have their heads shaved or their hair cut. We even had a few sisters donate their hair to Pantene and Locks of Love. One sister, Gabbi even shaved her head in support of cancer patients! At the end of the day, we raised over $16,000 to help the fight against children’s cancer…and we can’t wait to raise even more next year.


Beauty & The Greek

This year, we held our third annual Beauty and the Greek Pageant on February 19, 2014 at the Downing Student Union here on campus! This is a pageant we hold every year in February to raise money for the Hope Heart Institute, in addition to raising awareness for Heart Disease. The mission of the Hope Heart Institute is “serving humanity through cardiovascular research and education…dedicated to preventing and treating heart and blood vessel disease, and to improving the physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life for all at risk of – or affected by – cardiovascular disease.”

For more information on the Hope Heart Institute feel free to visit their website at http://www.hopeheart.org

The structure of the pageant consisted of three portions in which the contestants were judged on: Letter Wear, Formal Wear, and Famous Couples in History. The pageant gets its name due to the layout. It is a “couples” pageant in which one person in the pair must be a member of a greek organization on campus. Each sorority or fraternity is asked to nominate a couple (no more than three) to participate in the pageant.

And the best part about this years pageant, was having President Ransdell and his wife, along with Rho Chapter Alum, Emily Evanko, be our judges! We were beyond honored and thrilled they came out to judge and support our pageant and efforts to raise awareness about heart disease!

The pageant started out strong with the Letter Wear portion!







We were blown away by the beautiful dresses we saw in the Formal Wear portion!




However, the Famous Couples in History portion of the pageant was by far the best!
From Danny and Sandy…

To the world famous couple Micky and Minnie…

Even Forest and Jenny made an appearance…










And let’s not forget about our Greek couple Zues and Poseidon…

But if we are being honest, the most memorable had to be President Ransdell and his wife…

At the end of this fabulous pageant journey, the judges made their final decision and awarded our Greek Gods representing Alpha Tau Omega first place! Alpha Delta Pi came in at a close second place with Chi Omega placing third!

We had a great time hosting our third annual Beauty and the Greek pageant and we cannot wait to do it again next year! We raised 1,000 dollars for the Hope Heart Institute and we hope that next years pageant will be even more successful! A big thank you to all those who participated and all who came out to support us!

Baby Bugs! (Bid Day and Initiation 2013)

big red opaOn September 14th (after a very long and exciting week of informal recruitment), Omega Phi Alpha Rho Chapter at WKU formally handed out bids to 44 young women whom we felt greatly upheld our three cardinal principles of Friendship, Leadership, and Service!
Bid CardOn Bid Day morning, we split up to gather our new girls from their dorms and bring them back to a central location on campus! As we cheered our chant at the door of each new girl the excitement and glee was readily apparent! Their faces lit up as they opened their Bid Cards and received their door decorations along with their first OPA t-shirt!

We then proceeded to take the new girls to a local park where we got to know them better, took their group pictures, and played fruitball! For those who do not know, fruitball is baseball played with fruit as the ball instead of an actual baseball (in our case we used apples)! It can get rather messy, and little bit Fruitballconfusing, but ALWAYS a ton of fun. Our new girls and our actives loved playing together! After the game was over we took the new girls out to lunch with us and chatted about how much fun the day was!

After everyone went home, showered, and got dressed up in their beautiful dresses, we held Initiation at 7pm! At this time we performed our traditional process and officially Initiated 44 new members into Omega Phi Alpha Rho Chapter! We could not be more happy about the girls we have initiated and absolutely cannot wait to see all the great things they will accomplish with their time in OPA!

Recruitment is Almost Here!

We are into our second week of classes here at WKU but we can’t focus on school right now because we are way too excited about RUSH WEEK next week! Recruitment 2013 is almost here and we want all of you right there with us! This year it will be held Sept. 9-12th,(next week) with Bid Day being that Saturday, Sept. 14th! It will be at the Faculty House on campus (the log cabin located behind Cherry Hall) starting at 7pm. There is no fee for attending Rush week and no papers/forms to fill out prior to arriving.

We are very excited for the theme this year of Sweet Southern Charm! Just think sweet tea, pearls, and everything else southern. We will be having a very informal rush where we play games, do some “getting to know you” activities, supply you with information about who we are and what we do, and simply have a good time. We absolutely love meeting all the new ladies that walk through the door and we hope that by the end of Rush you fall in love with our purpose and goals just like our many active sisters did!

If you are reading this blog you are already at the right place to find more information about our organization! Look around our website and learn about our history, principles, and goals. This is a great way to get a better feel of our sisterhood and see if this is one you would feel comfortable with and want to be apart of!

We cannot wait to meet you next Monday night! We hope you are just as excited as we are! Meeting potential new members is one of the highlights of the Fall semester!

The Freshmen Have Arrived!

Here at WKU this weekend we received some new freshmen on campus! We could not be more excited to welcome these new “Hilltoppers” to campus and help them move-in to their new homes! So we made our way down to Gilbert Hall to help these new freshmen haul all their stuff up to their new rooms. We met some very excited (and a little bit frightened) new freshmen in addition to some nervous parents who were seeing their first child off to college! One thing was certain, they were quite grateful for all the moving help and we could not have been happier to oblige! A few parents became a bit more comfortable with leaving their children at Western after talking with us and learning about how safe campus is and all the great things it has to offer.

After meeting some new students and chatting with some freshmen girls, we are even more ecstatic than before about our upcoming rush event this semester! In case you didn’t know, Rush week for OPA will be held September 9th-12th, 7pm at the Faculty House on campus (located behind Cherry Hall). Please enjoy some of these photos from Master Plan Move-In this weekend, and if you stick around till the bottom there may be an exciting sneak peek pertaining to Rush!








(We just loved Brooke’s candid pose!)

And here is a sneak peek of the name tags for Rush week! The theme this year is Sweet Southern Charm!

Name Tags

Sisterhood Spotlight: Bailey Mack

Bailey Taiwan
Sisterhood Spotlight: Bailey Mack

“I’m currently in Taipei, Taiwan for eight weeks taking intensive Chinese language classes. Through several generous scholarships, I was able to attend this same program this year and last year as well. Taiwan is a fantastic place to learn Chinese and also to live; it’s very safe, the people here are really helpful when you struggle through a conversation in Chinese, and of course the food is fantastic. (Who would have known cilantro on ice cream would he so tasty?) Although it’s a lot of work having twenty hours a week of class, study abroad is one of those amazing experiences that I highly recommend to anyone!”

Bailey is majoring in International Affairs & Spanish. She also holds a certificate in Leadership Studies and is part of the Flagship Program. This is such a great experience for her and will give her great skills for her majors! We are so proud of her and cannot wait to hear more about her experiences in Taiwan when she returns!!