Sister Spotlight: Meredeth Riley

Sister Spotlight: Meredeth Riley

Meredeth Riley
Sister Spotlight: Meredeth Riley

“I will be going to Haiti this summer to do vacation bible school for hundreds of Haiti children. We will be visiting 3 different orphanages of children who lost their parents in earthquakes. We will also be doing several building projects and work projects for different people and groups there. I wanted to go so bad last year but my parents wouldn’t let me and this year I still had a burning urge to go and my parents saw that and God opened their hearts to it! I have struggled most with people not being supportive of me going, thinking it’s ridiculous to go to “that place.” That only motivates me more and I pray God works through their lives this week as well. I want more than anything this week to feel the pure joy of having nothing but your faith, I want to be humbled beyond belief and have my life changed for good.”

Good luck and safe travels to Meredeth as she embarks on this great journey today! We are extremely proud and excited for her this summer and cannot wait to hear more about her adventures in Haiti this summer!


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