Baby Bugs! (Bid Day and Initiation 2013)

Baby Bugs! (Bid Day and Initiation 2013)

big red opaOn September 14th (after a very long and exciting week of informal recruitment), Omega Phi Alpha Rho Chapter at WKU formally handed out bids to 44 young women whom we felt greatly upheld our three cardinal principles of Friendship, Leadership, and Service!
Bid CardOn Bid Day morning, we split up to gather our new girls from their dorms and bring them back to a central location on campus! As we cheered our chant at the door of each new girl the excitement and glee was readily apparent! Their faces lit up as they opened their Bid Cards and received their door decorations along with their first OPA t-shirt!

We then proceeded to take the new girls to a local park where we got to know them better, took their group pictures, and played fruitball! For those who do not know, fruitball is baseball played with fruit as the ball instead of an actual baseball (in our case we used apples)! It can get rather messy, and little bit Fruitballconfusing, but ALWAYS a ton of fun. Our new girls and our actives loved playing together! After the game was over we took the new girls out to lunch with us and chatted about how much fun the day was!

After everyone went home, showered, and got dressed up in their beautiful dresses, we held Initiation at 7pm! At this time we performed our traditional process and officially Initiated 44 new members into Omega Phi Alpha Rho Chapter! We could not be more happy about the girls we have initiated and absolutely cannot wait to see all the great things they will accomplish with their time in OPA!


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